10 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do With Your Child.

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week! There are so many ways to spread kindness and make others smiles. This has been something special to me since I had Jensen.

Now I get to pass it to Mila!

I believe by letting her know it’s important to share happiness, she’ll continue it in the future. Always striving to make her a great human.

Wondering where to start? Here are 10 Random Acts of Kindness you can do with your child and toddler.

Share a gift of love.

This year, Mila and I made these cute little notes for her dance friends. I found them on Sierra L Miller’s Blog and added a scrunchie. They turned out to be a cute little gift and helpful for a little dancer’s hair.

Last year, we made Lollipop Flowers that were a complete hit.

Write a thank you note.

I’m ALL about a classic thank you note. Writing a small note to someone you care about can mean the world. Anytime I send cards or notes now, I have Mila write a little something and sign her name.

Give someone flowers.

One of my favorite ways to spread kindness is being very random. In 2017, I started buying random bouquets of flowers and setting them on cars in parking lots. I never stuck around to see them get their flowers, but would leave a note of Jensen’s story so they could see the reasoning behind the kindness.

It was a fun way to make someone smile and share my Jensen too.

Send a nice video.

Mila LOVES making videos and sending them to our friends and family. One way to make someone smile is to do just this.

You and your child can tell someone how much you love them. It’s guaranteed to be a random act of kindness that they’ll love to receive. The best part, you don’t have to leave your home!

Leave a gift card as a surprise.

This goes along along with the flowers… but leaving random gift cards is a cute way to surprise someone.

Mila and I have left them in books at book stores or just sent them to others when we’re out to eat. You could even leave them at gas station pumps to help someone out.

Paint a rock.

Rock painting was so big and so many people still do it. Mila loves to paint rocks or just find them to give to her grandpa. Painting kind words on a rock and giving them to someone could be a small way to brighten their day.

Tip nicely.

I know a lot of people pay it forward, but it can cause some chaos. Instead of doing this, why not tip your barista or waitress nicely.

Mila loves tipping and this is a fun way to pretend she’s paying!

Make a craft.

Just like getting a thank you card, I love receiving crafts. When I’m making different things, I try to make three extra to give to family and friends. They always smile when seeing Mila’s artwork or something special we made together.

It’s a fun way to share the love when you’re already creating!

Cook someone a meal.

There are so many families that could use the extra help with meals. One friend of ours ordered us pizza one night and it made the whole night (and week) go a lot more smoothly with having it done for us already.

If you usually have leftovers, it would be a beautiful idea to share. I know this has been my favorite on the receiving end.

Kids love cooking and baking too! A perfect way to get them involved as well.


The smallest thing you can do with a BIG impact is smile. You never know… it could be their first smile they have seen all day.

I hope you can find something on this list to do with your child for someone you love. Let me know in the comments some acts of kindness you’ve performed.

Toddler Activity: Thankful for You Lollipop Flowers

It’s National Random Act of Kindness Day! Although we try to do as many acts of kindness everyday, we wanted to share this today.

Mila loves her ‘kids’ and ‘girls.’ These kids consist of all her cousins and her girls are from dance class. She loves the time she spends with them.

When I asked who she wanted to share kindness with, it’s no wonder why she chose them.

We talked about why it’s nice and important to do nice things for other people. There was a mini brainstorming session about what we could do. Valentine’s Day definitely helped the matter!

Mila suggested flowers, so we compromised.

All you need to do to create these lollipop flowers are paper, scissors, and suckers! I used taped to secure the flowers too.

For creating the flowers, I just drew ones on the back of the paper and cut it out. To get the lollipop stick through, I pressed a hole in the middle with the scissors.

On the underneath of the flowers, I put, ‘I ♥ You! -Mila.’ Short and sweet!

We’ll be giving them out as soon as she sees her kids and girls. She loved how they turned out and wanted to hold them like a bouquet.

If we did a large scale random acts of kindness, I’d definitely add a quote to the flowers. These would also be adorable for a birthday party or class treat.

We’re so happy and excited to spread a little extra kindness in the world. This year, we hope we can do more random acts and bring joy to those who are least expecting it.

Let me know what you think about this kindness project in the comments below.

MISS Foundation Kindness Project

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 5.55.11 PM.png

Today I decided to participate in the MISS Foundation’s Kindness Project. Since I have complete social anxiety after Jensen’s birth, I had to be creative in what I did. First, I got Jensen’s Random Act of Kindness cards and set off from home. I ended up buying colorful flowers, since they reminded me of him. Most of them were blue and orange just like his room, with some yellow and green ones too. Then I stopped at Applebee’s to get two gift cards, since Jensen loved Applebee’s and their Fiesta Lime Chicken. Then the real journey began…

I probably drove around for an hour, having a complete anxiety attack. So to save me from the breakdown, I decided to leave the bouquets and gift cards are people’s windshields. I drove around searching, still sort of freaking out. Then I just parked in a lot, saw someone walk in to the post office, ran to her car, placed the flowers and ran back. It happened so quick. I can imagine people were just laughing at me. I stayed for a little bit to see if she got them. Sure enough, she put them in her car and drove away. It was a hectic three minutes for me though. I felt like a complete stalker. The other two bouquets and gift cards went way easier. AND I didn’t stay around and feel like a stalker waiting.

Hopefully Jensen’s story reached them and our little random act of kindness made their day just a little better. If Jensen and I were able to make someone smile today, my anxiety attack and worries were worth it.

I’m sure Jensen was up there laughing at his momma running frantically back and forth. It’s all for you, little love.

Jensen Grey


One word can change two people’s lives forever. What better way for a mother-to-be to spend her birthday than knowing in nine short months she would have her bundle of joy.  As soon as this baby’s parents found out, they were overjoyed of course and quickly agreed to a baby boy’s name: Jensen Grey. The baby’s mom knew the baby was a boy before the doctor even told them. They dreamed of holding him, kissing him, and watching him grow. Their dreams for their perfect family had already began to unfold.

The mom-to-be ate healthy, took the prenatal vitamins, and went to every doctor appointment. At 17 weeks, they went for the anatomy scan. The BIG appointment; where you found out if you should be painting pink or blue. The baby’s mom already knew she should be painting blue, but this would confirm everything. Baby was not shy and showed everyone in the room that, in fact, he was a boy. Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa were all so happy to know they would have their Jensen Grey.

But Mom and Dad got more news than they would have liked. Instead of leaving the doctor’s office ecstatic they were their Jensen, they left scared. Baby Jensen was at increased percentage for Down syndrome. Mom and Dad were told all the bad things that revolved around Down syndrome. They didn’t let this bother them for too long; instead they researched and saw all the positives. The doctors still let them know the risks and even the increased risk of baby Jensen being stillborn. Mom didn’t think that was even possible.

Jensen thrived through all the ultrasounds. He moved when he was supposed to, stuck out his tongue for mom, and even practiced his breathing so perfectly. While Jensen was growing and getting strong inside his mommy’s belly, she got everything ready on the outside. She painted his nursery, bought everything he needed, and had a big baby shower to celebrate his life. Everything in life was going just as perfect as they planned. Their Baby J would be home so very soon.

On April 4, 2016, Mom and Dad went to go check up on Jensen to see how close he was to being born. Mom was 38 weeks with swollen feet and just ready to meet her little man. Everything about this day seemed to go normally, but they would soon find out it was not a normal day. Mom laid down for the ultrasound ready to hear the galloping heartbeat, but there was silence. The doctor was called into the room and they hurriedly looked at the ultrasound screen in frowns.

“I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat.”

One phrase can change two people’s lives forever.

Baby Jensen Grey was born asleep on April 5, 2016 at 4:25 in the morning. He was absolutely perfect weighing 7 pound 1 ounce and 19 3/4 inches long. Jensen shocked his mommy and daddy with blond hair, since they had dark hair. Baby was cleaned up and dressed, then nurse Angie took pictures for his mommy and daddy to always have. Later that night his mommy was sent back home to recover for the rest of the time. Although Jensen didn’t physically go home with him mommy and daddy, he now is always with them in their hearts.

This 48 hours was all a blur to Jensen’s mommy. At first she couldn’t remember it all, but it slowly comes back to her with each day. The fuzzy, grim phrase the doctor told them now screams in her ears. The empty belly aches of his loss. Her heart breaks more and more with every beat, wishing Jensen’s was beating more. After losing him, she is stuck in a tornado of grief only trying to remember the happy ultrasounds, Jensen’s hiccups, and her dreams for her baby.

My Jensen’s time here was short, but was filled with love. I remember his kicks when he got chocolate milk, turning his head for an ultrasound picture, and rolling to listen to his daddy read him stories before bed. His loss is unfathomable, no words can describe what it’s like without him. Jensen was my whole entire world.

As his mother, I know I have to go through this grief for Jensen. He only knew me as a happy person that would do anything for him. To keep his memory alive, I have decided to do a few things. First, to create this blog to cope with my grief. Writing has always been therapeutic for me and some of this process I think would be able to help other Mother’s of angel babies. Secondly, to help educate other’s on stillbirths and other topics of pregnancy and infant loss. I know I’m not an expert, but I am learning slowly and want to share what I am learning. It is important for other’s to know more of these topics since it’s usually never talked about and should be. Lastly, I want to take part in Random Acts of Kindness in Jensen Grey’s name. It is important to keep his memory alive in a positive way that’s inspired by ours and his love for each other.

I hope you follow me throughout my grieving process, participate in Random Acts of Kindness in Jensen’s name, and share his story. It’s a hard journey ahead, but my love for my Baby J gets me through today. I only hope that I am making him smile as he watches me from above.