Random Acts of Kindness


When I found out I was expecting Jensen, I wanted to make sure he knew how important it was to donate, volunteer, and perform random acts of kindness. I wanted him to learn that caring and helping other people makes the world a better place; that acts of kindness would allow others to be happy.

While I was in the hospital, I received a bereavement bag from Forget-Me-Not Baskets, Inc. located in Creston, Ohio. It was the first act of kindness we received after we knew Jensen would be stillborn. Although I couldn’t look at the bag when I was first in the hospital, it provided me with so much information about grief, the healing process, and other comfort objects. When I did look through the bag two weeks after I received it, I knew I still had to show Jensen helping others counts.

I hope you were brought to this page from a Random Act of Kindness in Jensen Grey’s name. If you did, pass it along. Share Jensen’s story and help someone by just one small act; you never know who’s day you could make.

Please feel free to use the Random Acts of Kindness Coupon above, post your experiences, and use the hashtag #JensenGrey to this site or any social media website.

Past Random Acts

MISS Foundation Kindness Project – July 2016 

Give Away Your Love, Capture Your Grief Project – October 2016

Secret Acts of Kindness – October 2017


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