Would you believe me if I told you I haven’t had a picture just taken of myself in ages? Grainy, Snapchat selfies… of course. Oh well, what can you do? So here’s me 98% of the time. No makeup, hair out of my face, and Mila right on me. This is motherhood.

Since Mila started becoming more mobile, I’ve wanted to write more about what being a single mom was like, how parenting has changed, and just serious mom truths. I wanted to writing a ‘mom blog.’ BUT this was always my space for Jensen and I had considered it a grief and loss blog. Here’s the thing though, since 2016 I HAVE been writing a mom blog. This is my journey through motherhood and of course as time changes so does the journey. So here’s the digitized, online version of my motherhood. Both Jensen and Mila, and all of what being a mom is like to me.