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If you’re on the look out for what might be the most relevant for you, you’ve found the right page. I separated this into three different sections: Jensen and Loss, Mila, and Motherhood. As the blog continues this may be divided more of less, we shall see. I put Jensen and Loss together because there are a lot of posts about Jensen that are directly related to loss. Just as there’s post under Mila that aren’t directly about her, but are definitely related. Thanks for reading!

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Jensen and Loss:

My Minutes with Jensen (2020) 

Dear Fellow Bereaved Mothers (2020)

The Due Date (2018)

One of the Hardest Posts I’ll Ever Write (2018)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Supporting Loss Parents During Important Grief Dates (2017)

What I Wish Society Knew About Stillbirth (2017)

If You Wouldn’t Say It to a ‘Normal’ Mom, Don’t Say It to a Bereaved Mom (2017)

My Wishful Response To: “I Can’t Imagine What You’re Going Through.’ (2017)

“Good Thing You Didn’t Get Attached” and Six Other Things I’ve Heard (2016)


11 Thoughts During Toddler Gymnastics (2020)

Mila: 0 – Kitchen Counter: 1 (2019)

Oh Snap – Mila’s Current Words of Choice (2019)

Is She Your Only One? (2019)

To Those Who Didn’t Deserve Her Anyways… (2019) 

Sharing A Little Secret. (2018)


A Letter to the Man Who Helped Save Me. (2020)

Perfect Moments (2020)

I Got My House Blessed… (2019)