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If you’re on the look out for what might be the most relevant for you, you’ve found the right page. I separated this into three different sections: Jensen and Loss, Mila, and Motherhood. As the blog continues this may be divided more of less, we shall see. I put Jensen and Loss together because there are a lot of posts about Jensen that are directly related to loss. Just as there’s post under Mila that aren’t directly about her, but are definitely related. Thanks for reading!

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Jensen and Loss:

The Due Date (2018)

One of the Hardest Posts I’ll Ever Write (2018)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Supporting Loss Parents During Important Grief Dates (2017)

What I Wish Society Knew About Stillbirth (2017)

If You Wouldn’t Say It to a ‘Normal’ Mom, Don’t Say It to a Bereaved Mom (2017)

My Wishful Response To: “I Can’t Imagine What You’re Going Through.’ (2017)

“Good Thing You Didn’t Get Attached” and Six Other Things I’ve Heard (2016)


Oh Snap – Mila’s Current Words of Choice (2019)

To Those Who Didn’t Deserve Her Anyways… (2019) 

Sharing A Little Secret. (2018)