Hello friends.

I wanted to introduce you to me. My name is Danielle. I am Jensen and Mila’s mom. We have two silly kitties, Leo and Poe, and a dog named Max. I’m twenty-six and live in small-town, Ohio.  I work from home, have an Etsy shop, substitute teach, and am going back to school to be a full time teacher too. Becoming a teacher has always been my dream and I made a promise to Jensen and later Mila to be one. I’m also a single mama who loves to adventure and travel. Although I’m SUPER busy, writing has always brought me peace. I swear I’m more interesting, but the two little humans I mother are much more noteworthy.

This blog started out in the spring of 2016. If you’ve been here since then, you know a lot about my story. If you’re new, welcome! And if you’ve found this page due to a recent or not so recent loss, I’m sorry we met this way. Nothing in the world can ever take away your pain. I know it more than most, but I promise you will never be alone in your journey through loss. In April 2016, my firstborn son, Jensen, was stillborn. It was the shock of my life and I found myself journeying through grief all alone. There were a lot of ups and downs (mostly downs if were being honest). I had to relearn who I was and where I wanted to be in life. To help me process my grief, emotions, and pretty much everything I was going through, I started to blog. When I first started, it was mostly selfish, but then I found out I was helping others. Other people knew exactly what I was feeling and it was even helping family and friends respond to how I dealt with my grief. Most importantly though, I got to share my Jensen’s life and how he’s impacted the world, especially mine. This became my safe place to talk and get whatever was on my mind out. Jensen to this day is still loved, missed, and wanted. Time cannot take any of these away and he will always be remembered.

Fast forward to April 2018… my daughter Mila was born and a new adventure had begun. Mila is my rainbow, which is a baby born after a loss. She is a fiery, smart, and beautiful little girl who’s smile would light up anyone’s world. Although I didn’t write extensively about her on the blog during my pregnancy and her first year of life, I’ve come to realize how much I want to share about her. There are moments in our day that are just hilarious and being so much light into my life. As she grows and does new things, I want to document and share those feelings too. There is so much in her that I thought I’d get in Jensen. I’ve always had a vivid imagination of him, but Mila helps fill in those blanks of his story as she writes her own. She’s brought me so much happiness in my life and I know hope she can bring some to you too. Mila and I do this mother-daughter thing all by ourselves. Let me tell you, it’s a wild ride that I cannot imagine being on. I wish Jensen was here to enjoy it with us and in many ways he is. Our family is filled with love and it’s because of these two and a tiny bit of me too.

You’ll find different pages having different options to get to what you’d like to read. The main page will be the latest posts I write. To make finding what you need more easy, separate pages and drop down menus for Jensen, Mila, and motherhood/adventures/and whatever comes of this blog will be there for you too. Just know that I understand if you’re in a vulnerable place in your life. I understand not wanting to know anything about Mila and being here to help on your loss journey. If you’re here because you like seeing and reading about Mila, please take a look at Jensen pages if you’d like. There are many posts that may help you even if you’ve never lost a child. Plus, he’s really cute and you’d miss out on seeing his face if you didn’t.

As always, if you or a family member has any questions or would just like to stop and say hello, feel free to email, comment, or connect with me on social media.