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I love sharing the many different ways I get to honor and remember Jensen with, as well as what helps me through my grief. Today I got my birthday present, from myself, from laurelbox. I’ve been eyeing up a bunch of their items from their page and finally broke down and ordered my favorite two. I was so blown away by the presentation when I opened the box and all the little details of everything.

laurelbox was created by two cousins, Denise and Johanna, after seeing friends go through the aftereffects of loss. They wanted to create comfort in a box for others to purchase for their friends to help ease grief. You can find more about them, here. Their website allows the purchaser to pick from prepared boxes or customized boxes and also to just pick out certain items to purchase, which is what I did. They have items ranging from tea towels to necklaces to tea collections. Each are so adorable.

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Honestly, my box came on the perfect day. Unfortunately, I woke up to a horrible sinus infection, sore throat, and just an overall sore body. So I’m snuggled up with Jensen’s elephant from the hospital, his candle burning, and a big cup of tea. It was my highpoint of the day to open up everything and really appreciate it’s beauty. I ended up purchasing the Silver Deeply Loved Locket and the Loved herbal tea. Both are as lovely as I imagined they would be and I’m so excited to put my favorite picture of Jensen in my new locket. That way he can be close to my heart. Of course I’ll be drinking a lot of tea the next few days and since fall is so quickly approaching.

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When I ordered my box, I was able to get this little card for free. I had them write, “Jensen, you are so loved.” As soon as I get Jensen’s scrapbook put together, I’ll make sure to place this in there too. I just love seeing his name wrote out and he is so very loved.

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The picture going in here is a little black and white one of Jensen snuggled up. It’s one of my favorite pictures of him. A beautiful locket for my perfect boy. It’ll definitely be a necklace with a story.

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The Loved herbal tea is absolutely delicious. I instantly made a cup after I took some pictures of my box. It’s a floral taste, but I feel as if you get a sweet, citrus undertone. The smell is really nice too and puts off a nice aroma that filled my kitchen and living room while seeping. After drinking, I felt a little more peace and my throat feels so much better. I can tell it would be amazing for sleepy time tea, since it’s made me feel more relaxed. Definitely would recommend to others! The bag holds three ounces of tea which will make around forty-five cups of tea.

They describe the tea as:

This organic, all natural, and hand blended tea is highly restorative, settles the nervous system, helps the body open and receive nourishment and gives a sense of trust in the body.  This tea is pregnancy safe, and a perfect option for women who are pregnant after a loss.

I’d also like to say my box came quick and it was really easy to order off their website. Along with BurdenBearingBaskets, I think laurelbox is an excellent gift for a bereaved mom. They also have boxes for loss of a spouse and other family members. There is a huge span of items they have that make it right for whatever type of grief a person is going through.

When I order from the next time, I’d love to get a You Light up my Life Lantern, their different teas, and the Gold Deeply Loved Necklace. Each warm my heart and make me think of Jensen. The lantern would be perfect to have up on holidays and birthdays. I see it as a visual representation of the light and his presence on the big days that he can’t be here.

For now, I’ll keep sipping my cup tea and snuggling with Jensen’s elephant. I know he’s here taking care of me the best he can. Wishing each of you a gentle and peaceful day.


2 thoughts on “laurelbox.

  1. I love this. Their products are so beautiful. I ordered a tote (present to myself as well). The spoon and locket are perfect. Gentle (happy) birthday wishes to you 💗. My first birthday after Meredith was awful, so I hope yours is ok.💗

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    • I really love their products too. I’ve seen some of their totes and like them a lot too! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. My birthday is on the 23rd, but I’m dreading it. I appreciate it though. Hugs!


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