Easy Leprechaun Parfait

If you’re in the midst of leprechaun hunting this year, you might be able to tempt one with this Easy Leprechaun Parfait.

With only a few tasty ingredients, your little ones won’t be able to resist the temptation of trying this magically delicious treat.

Mila is on a full fledge hunt for a leprechaun before St. Patrick’s Day. The one in our house has already turned all our milk green and is hiding things of her’s. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to capture him.

One tasty way we came up with was getting our leprechaun to try a tasty parfait. Of course filled with all a leprechaun’s favorite things…

Here’s what you’ll need to charm a leprechaun with this treat:

  • Lucky Charm Cereal
  • Vanilla Pudding
  • Food Coloring

The first thing for the sweet treat is to have littles separate the Lucky Charm’s cereal and marshmallows. Mila loves doing this and sneaking a few to eat too!

While they’re doing that, put green food coloring in the vanilla pudding. Of course leprechauns LOVE the color green. Mix it up until it’s consistently green. I tried to make it a lighter green, but it all depends on the amount of food coloring you put in.

Once you and your little are done, it’s time to start layering.

Our layering went like this: cereal, pudding, cereal, pudding, marshmallows. Personally, I think it was a pretty good decision.

The best part was, Mila was super excited to try this since it was for the leprechaun. She ate SO much for it, but left a little bit to catch one. They’re small anyways!

We’ll keep you updated on our catching adventure… until then, you have to try this sweet treat.

What are your tips and tricks to catch one of those sneaky leprechauns? Let me know in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Easy Leprechaun Parfait

  1. I am not familiar with this word – Leprechaun. But when I googled it ‘s kinda like a fairy and part of an Irish folkfore. Anyway, thanks for sharing this healthy concoction. I guess…


  2. how cute! Perfect for my march 17th because this year I have to skip on beers and most of the decor. I will definitely make this little treat to honor one of my favorite days a year


  3. Wow! This looks absolutely delicious and yummy. The color combination from this stuff makes it so enticing and tempting. The leprechaun will never resist!


  4. This is so cute for St. Patrick’s Day! I love that you color the vanilla pudding with green food coloring. I’d love to try this with vanilla yogurt, too!


  5. Oh wow, this is really so cute..love the food coloring! Looks so good, it looks like something I’d tempt my myself with 🙂


  6. love this snack idea for St.Patrick’s day!! I have recently become a fan of Lucky Charms (somehow didn’t care for it when my teens were toddlers) so I know I will make it for myself


  7. A fun activity for St. Patrick’s day! And she’s learning all sorts of things too! I remember when one of my sons built a trap for a leprechaun when he was little!


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