The Story Behind Jensen’s Name.

If you hadn’t noticed, I love Jensen’s name. His name sounds so beautifully when said out loud and the loops look so perfect wrote out. When I hear other’s say his name, it’s the sweetest sound. He always was my Jensen, even before we knew he was a boy. It’s been our connection to him from the start.

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After being asked about his name, I realized I’ve never really told you the story behind his name. Fair warning, it’s not as exciting as you would think. It’s actually a little silly, but it all came together so perfectly.

One of my favorite shows ever is Supernatural. Last year, I binge-watched it all on Netflix and have seen the series multiple times. It makes me laugh, some parts can scare me, and then it can make me cry. Brings out a whole range of emotions that I think every TV series should. At the beginning of each episode, the names of the actors comes across the bottom of the screen. Since I constantly am reading, I kept seeing one name in particular: Jensen Ackles. Jensen Ackles plays Dean Winchester in the TV show and he’s my favorite character.

Before we even know I was pregnant, I would comment on how much I love his name. I felt like I was saying Jensen instead of Dean when I was talking about the show. It was crazy. I had never heard of the name before and I thought it sounded so unique and perfect. So, when we saw that positive test and started thinking of baby names, I instantly thought of Jensen. It was the first name I suggested to Anthony and we just completely fell in love, from day one. I actually called him Jensen before we even knew he was a boy.

Grey was a little more tricky to come up with. I had to persuade Anthony on Jensen’s middle name. Originally I wanted Jensen Dean, but Anthony said that was too much like Supernatural. But heck, it sounds good too! There was another huge part of me that wanted to keep his name similar to my family’s middle name. We have a lot of Ray’s and I knew I wanted to keep the tradition. But as always, I had to have a little twist for my sweet boy. I started saying names and words that rhymed with Ray and stumbled upon Grey. I changed the a to an e to keep with the e’s in his first name. It was the perfect combination and had a great ring to it. Thankfully Anthony said yes.

His first and middle name just stuck with us: Jensen Grey.

I can remember the second we found out he was a boy and my mom shouted out, “We have our Jensen Grey!” Such a sweet memory for me to always have. Even though it’s probably impossible, I swear he knew his name. When I would say it, he would wiggle around. That’s probably just my wishful thinking.

His name is really fitting to his perfect, little face too. As a baby, he even looked like a Jensen. I only ‘know’ one other Jensen, but I swear his name fit him. One day when I share his face with you all, you’ll completely agree.

That’s the story behind his name. Sweet and simple, but the ease of coming up with his name mirrored his whole being.


2 thoughts on “The Story Behind Jensen’s Name.

  1. When we became pregnant the first time we agreed that if it was a boy, daddy would choose and if it’s a girl mommy chooses. But I knew from early that it was a boy. My partner’s last name is Mack and he wanted a name that started with Mc and he came up with McKinley. At first I wasn’t sure but I started to love his name more and more. The middle name was never finalized, it would have either been Norton after his grandpa or Delroy like his daddy. When we got pregnant the second time, the same agreement was in effect. I knew that time that I was having a girl and although it was my choice, I wanted to go with my partner’s preference to have a name starting with Mc. But when I chose the name McKenna I just didn’t think that it looked right for a little girl so I went with the spelling Makenna instead. I asked Delroy to tell me some names of the females in his family and when he said that his grandmother’s name was Estelle I just knew that it was the perfect name to follow Makenna. Grandma Estelle, unfortunately passed away shortly after Makenna so she didn’t even know about her great granddaughter who was her namesake as we live in different countries. I take solace that she knew Makenna when she got to heaven and they are now spending lots of days together and she is taking care of my little angels. I love the name Jensen Grey, I’ve personally never heard either before but they sound so beautiful together.

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    • I love McKinley and Makenna Estelle’s name. They are so perfect and I love how you had your partner choose. Anthony actually chose the girls name, just in case he would have turned out to be a little girl. We’re going to safe it if we ever get pregnant again. But both of your angels’ names are very lovely. I think that Grandma Estelle is taking care of your angels and making sure they’re safe and sound. Thank you about Jensen’s name, I would have to agree with you.
      Sending you so much love and hugs.


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