Weird Things My Toddler Does: Part 15

Welcome to another issue of “Weird Things My Toddler Does.” From the previous 14 parts, we can definitely see that my toddler (like most) is pretty weird. I guess that’s what makes them so much fun.

Mila has taken her weirdness to the streets this time.

With all her shoes and outfits, she has decided to make a twist on what goes together. No, it’s not making weird clothing choices, it has to deal with her shoes. More specifically, crocs.

At this point of being three, Mila has thrown out everything she’s known about wearing shoes. Instead of mimicking the adults around her by wearing matching shoes, she has decided that the perfect outfit centers around one glitter croc and a blue one.

Seriously. Everywhere we go she has to wear this combination.

At the zoo recently, the other parents took notice. They asked if she dressed herself and one even asked if we had lost the other ones. Politely, I just said, “that’s what she wants to wear.”

Although it’s so weird, it was easy to point her out when she went down the slide. Or when I was scanning when she was playing up on playground equipment and I could only see feet, there were the mismatching crocs. I guess her weirdness helps in that way.

Plus, it’s not really conducive to fight about something that goes on her feet. If it makes her happy then that’s what we do.

I think the funniest part of all is she is adamant that these are the feet the mismatching has to go on. She refuses to change it up. The blue has to be the left foot and the glitter on the right.

Three is about making choices and becoming independent… it’s just weird Mila decided to show it off like this.

Cheers to crocs and they still look cute mismatched.

What weird things are you toddlers doing lately? Do you fight with your kids about what they wear or just roll with it?


11 thoughts on “Weird Things My Toddler Does: Part 15

  1. Ha! Toddlers are so funny, aren’t they? Kudos to Mom for letting her show her independence and make her own choices.


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