To the Women Who Puts Everyone Else First:

I know how these days feel.

You try to share you love to everyone you hold close to your heart. No matter what’s going on, making sure they feel loved is most important.

There are nights you don’t sleep to make sure everything gets done for them.

When you need something like clothes or a new haircut, you make sure your kids or partner have them first.

Sometimes you spend hours listening to others to make sure they’re okay. You know your problems will work themselves out eventually.

Instead of a long hot bath or shower, you rush through yours or share them with your littles.

Your meals are cold because you make sure everyone else gets full first.

We put them first because we love them. We’re the glue the helps holds those we love together.


You deserve the same love you give to others.

Never forget that you deserve a good nights sleep, a new hair cut and clothes, knowing your problems are important, a long shower or bath, and a hot meal.

That’s just touching the surface of all you deserve and need.

It’s hard to put yourself first or accept the love that we give out. When you do, don’t feel selfish. You are in need of those things too.

You cannot continue keeping everyone else afloat when you’re drowning.

Allow yourself that space. You’re worth it.

When you put yourself first sometimes, you give all those you love the opportunity to be around the best you.

More importantly, you get to give yourself that love that you pour into others.

You deserve all the things you want and more.


Another Woman Who Puts Others Before Herself


24 thoughts on “To the Women Who Puts Everyone Else First:

  1. Well put! This is so hard for women to remember BUT so important! Since I started setting time aside for myself for more sleep and some “me time” regularly, I have become a MUCH better mother and wife because I’m no longer trying to meet everyone else’s needs while running on empty!

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  2. This is so true. This is me with everyone around me. I finally broke bad other night. My dad passed about 4 months ago. My mom is supposed to be putting house on market and with him being sick, the bathroom was not sanitary regardless. She came in so nasty and ungrateful. It broke me bad. My husband told me I need to walk away. I was sobbing. So I made a promise to do for me now and again because honestly cannot break again.

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    • I’m so, so sorry for feeling this over whelmed and down, and for the death of your father. You need the space and time to recover and feel back to you again you never should be treated poorly. I hope it gets smoother.


  3. Thank you for this and for reminding us that we deserve to loved and the best things in life. Motherhood is not easy and because of posts like these, you make me feel that there is someone who understands.

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