Goodbye Kisses.

One of the toughest things I face as a single mom is wondering if Mila has enough love.

It’s hard being away from her during the days, but I have to be to give her the life she deserves. When we’re together, we play, read stories, and create. I tell her I love her every chance I get and she does the same.

We’re happy in our own little world.

But, it’s the days I have to go away. I question if she forgets about all our fun. There are some times I wonder if the love I instill in her stays. Or if she’s just made at me when I’m gone.

A few nights ago, I realized I shouldn’t put any thought into those fears.

I picked her up one afternoon after school. She sat in the car as my mom told her goodbye. As usual, she asked for a hundred goodbye hugs and kisses. Then kept saying bye. As my mom walked away, then started the goodbye kisses.

She blew them and for awhile they were reciprocated. Mom had to go back inside, but Mila did something that made me smile.

As the door shut and we backed out of the driveway, I saw her continue blowing goodbye kisses.

Between each kiss, she yelled, “goodbye! I love you!.”

She didn’t stop when we backed out. Or when we went down the street. Or even parked in our driveway. Outside our door, she kept saying goodbye and how much she loved her Gigi.

That’s when I realized, Mila has all the love in the world. She knows what love feels like and how to feel it towards others.

All those worries about if I’m doing good enough ease.

The next morning, when it’s hard to go away again. I see her goodbye kisses in action. It made leaving a little easier.

Because, I know those goodbye kisses never end and that love travels where ever we go.


25 thoughts on “Goodbye Kisses.

  1. What a great post!

    I work as full time mum and wondered always if my almost 3 year old does not feel abandoned my me. By working as a nurse, i often have to stay over my 12 hours shift to make sure the patients are safe and all informaton passed on the other nurse, but found myself in a posotion that had days by not seeing my daughter, as she was asleep when left the house and asleep again when returned back home.

    It’s hard to make that balance, between work and family, but it’s great to see that the little ones are loved and they feel that even when we are not there with them.

    Your Mila is fantastic and is lucky to have you and her Gigi! You are amazing, mum!

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    • Thank you so much! It is so hard to not see them or when you do, it’s just getting them ready for bed. Makes me feel like I’m missing so much, but the moments we do get to spend with them are that much sweeter.

      I’m sure your daughter knows your working hard for her. She will be proud that her mom is a nurse and helping so many people.

      Motherhood is hard, but we’re doing the best we can do. You’re amazing too.

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  2. oh such an adorable read.. and i recall those days as well. now i have two teens (and well, we have all been home together for a year almost already, so the tables have turned a bit .. lol )

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  3. What a sweet post! Every mom feels the same way, whether they work or whether they stay home and have to leave for an appointment, etc. You perfect demonstrated both how moms feel and how our kids ACTUALLY feel. You have such a sweet little girl!

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  4. Yes, We have that guilt of leaving our children. I was very sad when I experienced it. When I saw how happy she was when I went to pick my daughter up, I felt a lot better. And with time, it gets easier

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