The Eclectic Pineapple.

Fun fact, when I was pregnant I thought Jensen would grow up to be someone who builds and plans houses. Mostly because the majority of my pregnancy I was working getting my house completely done before he arrived. Each time I would use the hammer or paint, I could feel his kicks going in motion with the hammer and him stretching when I painted the wall.

Another fun fact, I bought my house only three months before I found out I was pregnant with Jensen. What I thought was going to be a home just for me, turned out to be a home for a small family. Originally Jensen’s room was going to be a guest bedroom that I had all planned out. Instead it became a blue and orange boys room that I absolutely love. His room is the only room in my entire house that has bright colors in it. The rest is very neutral with black, grey, and wood. No matter the room, I loved to decorate and make it feel comfy.

Even with everything that happened, his room is still my favorite to get decorations and furniture for. Besides that pesky futon…BUT I’m constantly on the search for buying things that make my home even more cozy for Jensen and I.

One day, while I was scrolling through social media, I saw these beautiful, bright, watercolor ultrasounds by The Eclectic Pineapple. The babies face profile was perfectly drawn and the pink background was spot on. Something that really stuck out to me was this print was done for one of my loss mom friends. She wrote how comforting and reassuring the shop owners, Abigail and Lana, were to her. In my mind, I knew if she felt comfortable sharing her daughter with them, I would feel comfortable sharing Jensen. I instantly knew I needed one for my home. It would be a fun way I could display one of his ultrasounds in one of his colors.

Of course I contacted them… and admittedly creeped on their Instagram and Facebook page.

I shared Jensen’s story with them and they were exactly how my friend described them. They treated Jensen’s ultrasound with respect and asked about him and me. Although I loved the profile ultrasounds they had done, the ultrasound that was calling out to be drawn is the one on top of this blog, and every blog. To top it off, I asked for the one watercolor they hadn’t done before: orange. Of course it would be me and Jensen to go against the flow right?

They assured me it would come out amazing and then started working hard on his print. When I got the message it was being mailed out to me, I was SO giddy. I had hoped and prayed it would be done before Jensen’s birthday so I could have it for his party.

Each day I went to the post office to check for it and Thursday it arrived. When I got in the car, I ripped it open and marveled with how they captured him in his ultrasound. I wanted to share it the moment I opened it with you all, but I knew I had to wait to frame it. In my mind, I thought of how perfectly it would go with a frame I saw at the store the other day. I went, bought it, and framed it as soon as I got home.

It’s even more perfect than I imagined…

I absolutely love how it’s him. His little, button nose is highlighted and honestly, those cheeks. One day when I share Jensen’s picture with you guys, you will fall in love with his cheeks. The bright orange is breathtaking and the detail in his face is exactly how it is in his ultrasound. Then the silver of his name just puts it over the top and makes it feel so personal. Honestly, I just love how it looks and it is perfect in his room. Jensen would love seeing himself like this.

The Eclectic Pineapple‘s shop has these watercolor prints and ultrasound canvases that are as breathtaking as Jensen’s. At this time, the girls are on vacation and so is their shop. I’m sure they’ll have their shop open soon, but their Instagram and Facebook page has a lot of their work and you can really tell how much care they put into all of their work. Thank you Lana and Abigail for Jensen’s beautiful watercolor, ultrasound print. I will forever cherish it in my heart and home.


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