Dear BabiesRUs,

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Before my son’s arrival, I spent hours in your store making a registry. I test drove countless strollers and questioned all your associates about each car seat. A lot of the items I had registered, were bought and your associates were even so helpful with some of my returns. In the final weeks before my son was born, I opened a credit card and bought the last few things I thought I needed to make his arrival extra special. I had absolutely no complaints about your store or the service I received.

Honestly, I thought I had all the material items needed for when I would be bringing my son home. Until, I didn’t bring him home. He was stillborn at thirty-eight weeks and two days. Losing him is the hardest thing I go through every single day.

If I never saw another Babies-R-Us, it’d be too soon. The big bags you graciously provided us, were packed full of his stuff and stored away. Weeks went by and I didn’t think ever going back to your store.

That was how I thought it would go for me, but I started checking my email again. It was after Mother’s Day and I knew I had to start going through all of it again. BabiesRUs started fading from my teary eyes. After my breakdown and clearing them off, I went to the very bottom of the email and unsubscribed from your list. I felt like I had saved my future self so much heartache.

Turns out, I didn’t. Even after unsubscribing from your email list, there were still emails getting through. Multiple times a week I was still unsubscribing and just trying to send them all to the spam folder. I felt defeated each time it popped up, but I gave in. I just started automatically deleting them. Then the mailers came out and it was just all too much. My mom had to start getting my mail for me and throwing it away for me.

It all calmed down for a while, through September and October. I was BabiesRUs free and didn’t have to be triggered each time I opened my email or went to the post office. Honestly, I had forgotten about your store, unless I drove by. My mind didn’t even have time to prepare itself when the middle of November hit. My post office box was stuffed with ads and yours was the top one. The emails started again the very next day.

Again, I unsubscribed from your emails and even went to your website. I really tried my best. All I wanted to do was safe myself from a preventable trigger. That’s all I can do to help myself these days. But, it didn’t help. The very next day, I got another ‘great deal’ message. I’ve resorted back to just deleting them as they come in. Still to this day, I’m getting at least two notifications from you. I’m sure it’s so helpful for moms with their children. It gives them coupons and lets them know what’s new in your store. I get it. I really do. If my son was still here, I’d be using all those coupons. Yet, he’s not and I’ve done all I can not to see this information.

If by some miracle you see this letter, please make it easier for others to unsubscribe and completely be off your mailing services. There are some mothers that it actually hurts to see your emails. It brings them to their knees in grief and anger and disbelief that this is their life. That their child is still not in their arms.


A Grieving Mother Trying to Survive the Holidays


6 thoughts on “Dear BabiesRUs,

  1. THANK YOU for writing this… I had just checked my email, prior to seeing this post, and I deleted FOUR Babies R Us/ Toys R Us messages that had accumulated just in the past 24 hours. Like you, I have also resorted to automatically deleting them, but it still stings every single time, because I know I won’t ever be able to use any of those things for my sweet Lucy. It’s just not fair. Thanks for voicing this!

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  2. THANK YOU for writing this! Like you, I’m a grieving mother whose son was born sleeping. Like you, I have tried to unsubscribe from these emails, but they continue to arrive. Along with the mailers telling me to hurry in before baby arrives. It breaks a little more of my heart every time. I just wanted to comment and tell you that you’re not alone and that I’m right there, pleading with you for this store to increase its awareness and make things easier for grieving mamas. Big hugs to you. ♡♡

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    • First of all, I am so very sorry for the loss of your son. It’s such a heartbreaking journey. It doesn’t help when these big box companies continually send us unexpected triggers! I hope one day they will listen and it’ll help our hearts heal a little more smoothly. I’ll always raise awareness for our babies in hopes to give them a voice and to help our beautiful community! Big hugs to you as well. Thank you for commenting and sharing.


  3. Yes yes yes! After Aria was born I started getting samples of diapers and formula in the mail, along with catalogs and coupons from BabiesRUs. It drives me crazy. I still get them despite trying very hard to stop them. I even got one the other day that said “Planning your baby’s first birthday party!” (Her birthday is 2 weeks away) and it totally broke me. It’s so frustrating that they disregard our requests to unsubscribe all in the name of marketing.

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    • It is so FRUSTRATING. I’ve tried so many different ways to get off all those lists and to stop getting the formula/diaper samples. Still, I have no luck in doing so. Oh gosh, I can just imagine that sting. Honestly, it’s just an unnecessary trigger. We haven’t forgotten when their birthday is, but we can’t buy them anything from their store. If only they would just make it easier for us to unsubscribe…….. I’ll be thinking of you and Aria as her birthday nears.


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