Toddler Activity: Moon Rock Toss

Mila is a kinesthetic learner. So, when she learned about the Moon, we had to do a Moon Rock Toss.

This simple activity is fun for active toddlers who are curious about learning. Plus, it’s easy to set up for busy parents that keeps your child’s attention for a long time.

Lately, Mila has been into the moon and loves looking at the stars. For the longest time, she thought she could jump up to the moon and eat it. Thanks Sesame Street! We’ve done a few activities from Fluff Pieces Space Unit and I’d love to order some of the puzzles and items she used too.

Now she knows that the Moon isn’t a cookie! But it was cute when she did.

Anyways, here’s what you’ll need for this activity.

  • A basket
  • Aluminum foil
  • Construction paper
  • A ‘backboard’

Since we have a chalkboard door, we used that as a blackboard. You can use whatever you’d like. I can imagine a huge poster board or pieces of paper helping too.

I decorated our backboard to be like stars on the moon

Then all the other set up I needed to do was crumble up aluminum foil and paper. That’s it!

Mila’s been loving Blippi so his space song really hit home. She listened to that as I set up. It really set the activities mood.

We walked about the moon and how there are moon rocks there. I told her these were our moon rocks. Since there’s no gravity on the Moon, the rocks are lighter than Earth rocks. Obviously this isn’t how it works, but it’s okay.

I told her to try and make it in the basket and she had a blast. She kept refilling the moon rock bowl to start over the activity.

Since Mila is really into space, I plan on continuing teaching her more about it during summer. I have a feeling she’ll love stargazing and would love to talk about the constellations with her.

For now, she’s obsessed with her moon rocks and making them in the basket. Maybe she’ll be a basketball player too!

Let us know how you liked this activity in the comments below or let me know what your favorite planet.

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