Being a mother is forever and mothering Jensen while he’s in heaven is no different. We are connected till the end of time. He is made of me and I forever have him in my heart.

When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to do a motherhood tattoo honoring Jensen and our journey together. I had ones with dates picked out and initials. After he was born, I knew my tattoos for him would be a little different. I want to get his footprint on my foot; so he’s always walking with me. It’s such a lovely idea and I have to walk to the steps he’s never going to take. On the day we went to the tattoo parlor, I knew I couldn’t get a foot tattoo. I like the water and we were going on the lake for Father’s Day. I did not want to get an infection or the tattoo to get gross. So I decided to get something else that meant so much to me.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.13.19 PM.png

The Celtic knot for motherhood with baby Jensen’s birthdate. It represents the unbreakable bond that a mother and child will always have. There’s no separation between the two. For me, I loved how it looks like the child is in the mom, just like Jensen will always be with me. Then his birthdate; the most complicated day. A day so full of love and heartbreak. It signifies how my little love came so silently in this world, the end of his BIG, short life.

My perfect tattoo for my perfect little boy.


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