We’re getting ready to celebrate so many things next month. Just is packed full of goodies like Father’s Day and PRIDE Month. Want to see a fun DIY to make for PRIDE Month? Your little will love to play with this wand being an ally at parades or just around the house too.

Ever since Mila has been little, I’ve wanted her to be around all types of different people. I’ve always told her that love and acceptance is one of the most important things we can have and share with others. PRIDE Month is no different. We love our LGBTQ+ friends and want them to know we support them through everything.

Love is just so special.

One thing I want to do is take Mila to a PRIDE parade! I figured we’d need to bring some accessories for that and thought a wand with bells on it would be perfect! Any noise maker is a hit for Mila.

All we needed for this DIY was:

  • Dowel/Stick
  • Yarn/Ribbon
  • Bell/Disco Ball
  • Hot Glue

Mila helped me tie the yarn on to the dowel. We’ve been practicing knots and tying shoes, so this was fun for her to do. I always try to add ways she can help me in any DIY.

I didn’t hot glue the bells down. They were super stable with just tying them on. Since I’m obsessed with disco balls right now, I added one to the top.

Honestly, I think it turned out so cute and I love that it helps celebrate PRIDE and something that Mila can use over and over again.

What types of activities do you do to celebrate PRIDE? I’m also always am looking for book recommendations and would love to share the ones I have here too.