Toddler Activity: Pi Day Matching Game

Most toddlers probably don’t understand what Pi is or what maths really all about. Heck, I’m not sure I even know either.

But let’s be rational and not talk in circles.

Dah dah dum.

Did you get me one math joke I’ve ever told or no? Either way, it’s Pi Day and I made Mila a fun matching game that includes all different sizes of circles. You can do that same at home with items located in your house, at this very moment.

Not only does it introduce toddlers to what pi looks like and that it deals with circles, this game incorporates color and size matching too.

All you’ll need to make this matching game is a piece of paper, markers, and random lids.

Once you find a few lids, just trace around them on the paper. I did corresponding colors with the varying shapes. This really helped Mila with some of the shapes that are similar in size.

To be a little festive and help her connect circles with pi, I added the symbol inside all of them. She loved identifying the numbers at the top too.

I love being sneaky and adding learning points. She has no idea that she’s doing an educational activity. All she knows is that she’s having fun. It reinforces that learning is FUN.

Before letting her play, I randomly spread out the lids. Then I gave her directions to match them.

For her first match through, I had her focus on the size of the circles.

Mila actually did an amazing job.

She was able to correctly match all the lids. There were only two green ones that gave her a little trouble. With some encouragement, she was able to figure it out though.

When she was done, I cleared them off and had her do it again. This time, I had her focus on the color of the circles.

If you couldn’t have guessed from Mila’s reaction, she matched them up perfectly for the second time. She started stacking them after this time, which worked for me.

This matching game is a fun way to introduce Mila to math concepts that are advanced for her age. But, by just becoming familiar with pi and pairing it with circles, infinitely helps for the future.

Let’s hope she’s a little better at math than me!

I hope you and your toddler will enjoy this activity. It’s one you can create immediately at home.

As always, if you do participate, let me know in the comments!


17 thoughts on “Toddler Activity: Pi Day Matching Game

  1. What a creative game for Pi Day! Agree that the best learning activities are the ones that are fun, when kids don’t even realize they are educational. I totally got your math joke too. It was a good one! 😉

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