6 Self Care Journaling Prompts

No matter if you’re a good writer or not, journaling is healing. When used as a self reflective tool, writing can help organize your thoughts and come to conclusions about what you’re going through in life.

The hardest part of it all is just starting.

Sometimes it’s difficult to think about what to write. Prompts are a great starting point to get your thoughts moving.

Here’s six writing prompts that I find myself going back to when I journal for self care.

I hope they help you too.

1. What do you wish you could say to someone if there were no consequences?
2. Why do other people look up to you?
3. What is something you accomplished this week that you’re proud of?
4. How would your child/spouse/parent describe you?
5. What does your dream life look love?
6. Write a letter to someone who’s impacted your life the most.

Again, the hardest part to writing is starting. These are all thoughtful jumping points that can help you pick up a pen or type on whatever device.

Remember, you deserve time to be you and do what’s best for you.

If you’d like to see more of my personal journaling prompts, let me know and I’ll share more. Of course, if you have helpful prompts to share, please let me know in the comments.


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